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13 Speakers. 4 Days. Made for the overwhelmed, stressed and burned out.
Sessions are pre-recorded so YOU pick your schedule.
Stop waiting for permission to choose you.

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Here's what you'll miss...
  • Natural ways to handle stress & anxiety
  • Proven methods to building confidence & self-awareness
  • Techniques for healing trauma & abuse
  • Breathwork exercises to release emotions and relieve overwhelm
  • Practical tools to managing your time, energy & mindset
Speaker Sessions | May 5th - 8th
Pre-recorded sessions are emailed to you each day. Make YOUR own schedule.
Day 1 | Confidence, Community & Energetic Time Management
Building Community by Receiving and Accepting 

Alex Eastman
Founder of Tolado
How to Show Up Confident

Michele Charles Gustafson
HUE + Style
Energetic Time Management

Viktoriia Miracle 
PurposeFULL Calendar
Day 2 | Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualization & Interupting Old Patterns
Using Awareness to Stop Reacting to Everything

Guy & Ilan Ferdman
Satori Prime
Choosing Yourself Moment by Moment

Kelly Canull
Soul Life Coach
Finding Ease & Flow in the Chaos 

Christine Michelle
The Aligned Soul
Day 3 | Revolutionary Self-Care, Healing & Breathwork
Beyond Surviving Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Rachel Grant Beyond Surviving 
Breathwork for Stress Relief

Jonny Miller & ​Conni Biesalski

Breathwork Practitioners

Revolutionary Self-Care Practices 

Dr. Tianna Conte

Your GPS Code
Day 4 | Laughter, Cacao, CBD & Wine as Medicine
Treating Pain with Plant Medicine

Dr. Michele Ross
Opening Your Heart with Cacao

Kat Smith
Guided Open
Healing with Humor and Laughter

Pasha Marlowe
MFT & Therapeutic Comedy Coach
Wine as Self-Care & Community

Samantha Capaldi
aka Sam the Sommelier
Ready to practice the self-love you've been craving? 
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Hosted by: Tracey Noriega - Way Shower & Shift Maker
You are not alone in this, I got your back!

I made the powerful choice to leave my fifteen years of service in healthcare to serve humanity as a socially conscious entrepreneur. To deliver my best, I use my caring, people-focused approach to teach those who are willing to try something new, look at things differently, and question their reality.  I developed my mentoring program by using my trusted, supportive relationship, along with practical, sustainable, mindfulness methods I’ve acquired on my own journey of self-discovery. 

I am here to show you that there really is another way and that by making small shifts of perspective you will open yourself up to the limitless possibilities of what could be. That may sound “Pollyanna” and “woo-woo”, I get it. I thought the same until I was so tired of “being sick & tired” that I gave it a try.  I can tell you that it beats reacting to everything, living by default, feeling like I was stuck on “stupid”, and repeating patterns that lead me nowhere fast. 

I invite you to carve out some well-deserved time for yourself to relax, release all expectations and explore the possibilities with me as I introduce you to some amazing people who have personally helped me to reconnect with that part of me that I had been neglecting: my heart and soul. Growth really is an inside job. The love and happiness that you are seeking are found there too.
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Q: How much is it?
A: The event is FREE! This means you can attend all 4 days for free and have 3 more days to watch the videos at no cost to you. 

​Q: Is this a live event? 
A: No, this is a pre-recorded event that will be sent directly to your email on May 5, 6, 7 & 8th. This allows you to watch the videos at your convenience. They will be made available to you at no cost through May 11th. If you want to purchase them, then you would choose the All-Access Pass to watch as many times as long as you like

Q: What if I miss a session?
A: All recorded sessions will be available for viewing 72 hours after the retreat ends on May 8th. Lifetime access to all session recordings and other exclusive content is available for purchase with the All Access Pass for only $33. You'll have the opportunity to purchase the All Access Pass after registration!

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